The GRIT of Boston

As one of the oldest cities in the U.S., Boston has witnessed historic moments of great change, triumph, and tragedy, and in each of these moments, the people of Boston have come together, displaying their resilience as individuals, and as a community.

Wanting to find a way to visually encapsulate the GRIT of Boston, TEDxFenway asked Evan Chapman, President and Producer of Loft Sessions Music, to create a piece that explored and represented the meaning of GRIT. Why do people have GRIT? How does GRIT move people forward? What does it mean to have GRIT?

These questions led to a collaborative video piece (above) between Loft Sessions Music and spoken word artist Ethan Smith, a music business/spoken word student at the Berklee College of Music, and member of the award-winning Berklee Slam Team. In making the video, Ethan says, " was definitely a process of understanding what grit meant to me personally and attempting to make it accessible to as many people as possible...I decided to write it while riding the train. Witnessing the city in this way and taking it all in was what helped me the most in the final product, and being inspired by real people and seeing what I could of their stories."

Evan, who also works as an arranger at Loft Sessions, and is a recent graduate of Berklee (Composition/ Film Scoring, '13), shares that "grit" has pushed him forward in his artistic endeavors by allowing honest self-reflection in exploring "the organic meaning and value of art at its core."  He adds, "It's allowed me to address the beauty in the resilience and determination that strikes the pavement with every persons own, individualized mission and footsteps."

Here's what the artists had to say when asked about their thoughts on TEDxFenway: GRIT

Ethan: What I am most excited about in regard to this event is the incredible amount of diversity among the speakers. From musicians and artists to hospital affiliates and business professionals, I think it is a very representative range of persons who all exemplify the meaning of grit in their own ways.

Evan: The overall concept of GRIT hits an interesting chord; From an educational standpoint, living in a city like Boston where the pace at which new ideas, algorithms and ways of thought are constantly emerging has inspired me to unearth and share the raw creativity and the human spirit that's all around me. There is an innate, hard-wired driving force behind every individual's mission to fulfill the accomplishments, goals and dreams that they have set out to achieve.

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