Sharing Laughter, Pushing Our Edges, and Loving Boston

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, TEDxFenway: Agitate/Innovate/Evolve, featured 12 speakers who spoke about the importance of continually pushing one's self to evolve, and of retooling our perspectives on gender inequity, design, workplace culture, arts, and even laughter to enhance our capacity to adapt and create progressive change. In addition to the speakers were three thrilling performances by acclaimed jazz musicians Neil Leonard and Olivia Dawn Mok, the Winsor School Small Chorus, and MC Nick Shea from ZUMIX.

The event, supported by The Fenway Alliance and Berklee College of Music, was held at Berklee's newest glass tower on 160 Massachusetts Avenue/ Avenue of Music in the Fenway Cultural District.  This state-of-the-art building, designed by the renowned architect William Rawn (who attended the event!), holds 173 residence hall rooms, 23 practice rooms, six two-story common areas, a fitness center, and a 400-seat dining hall that doubles as a performance space with full stage and audio technology. Additionally, a 10-studio music production complex is located below street level.

TEDxFenway featured an interactive activity where attendees were asked to sum-up each speaker's talk in six words. Below is a sample of some of the "summaries" that will provide a brief glimpse into the heart of each talk. Videos and photos from the event will be available soon.

Erika Ebbel Angle, PhD The Importance of Pushing One's Edges

"Challenge edges to conquer the unknown"

David Hacin, Four Things You Should Ask Yourself About Boston

"Size doesn't matter: collaborative revolutionary spirit does!"

Nettrice Gaskins, PhD, The Future is STEAM-y, but What About Inclusion?

"Mixing and reworking the diversity narrative"

Ruth Jacobs Malloy, PhD, From Leaning In to All In

"Stereotypes make us overlook people's potential"

Obehi Janice, The Heart of the Matter

"Be your authentic self to be universal"

Haril Pandya, Death of the Corner Office: The Fluid Future of the American Workplace

"Excited to kill the corner office!"

Michael Dukakis, Fixing the T: It's Not that Hard

"The only voice of reason on the subject of the T. Thank you!"

Ted Landsmark, PhD, IDeAS: Innovating Design for Boston

"Why is the Waterfront not accessible?"

Debby Irving, Finding Myself in the Story of Race

"You must always grow, always notice"

Bette Ann Libby, Shard Stories

"Cracking art makes for much love!"

Deepti Navaratna, Alchemy of Sound: Cultural Diplomacy Through Music

"Culture can hear each other musically"

Jimmy Tingle, Humor for Humanity

"Laughing together helps, heals, and transforms!"