Kelly Brilliant, Executive Director, The Fenway Alliance

I’ve been the ED of The Fenway Alliance for fifteen years—but I like to think I look much younger than that!  The Fenway Alliance is a membership organization of 22 cultural and academic institutions who work together to make what I believe to be one of the best neighborhoods in Boston—The Fenway—even better.  Our members represent some of the highest quality arts, cultural, academic, and community institutions in Boston--many (myself included) would argue, in the US, and beyond.  We were designated “The Fenway Cultural District” in March 2012 by the Massachusetts Cultural Council—the highest government office for culture in the Commonwealth. We were one of the first designated Cultural Districts in Massachusetts and the first in Boston.

Fourteen years’ ago, I founded Opening Our Doors, an annual culture and arts festival that is now the largest day of free cultural experiences in Greater Boston. Three years ago with a couple of fellow intrepid dreamer-doers, we produced TEDxFenway: Ecology of A Great City. Last year, we’ve widened the circle to create TEDxFenway:GRIT. This year, we circle our wagons for TEDxFenway: Agitate/Innovate/Evolve.

I know how I agitate, but how do I evolve? By working with others who have a lot of creativity, a little craziness, and an innovative spirit to get big dreams done.  My hobbies?—Does laughing count?