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  • TEDxFenway Speaker Dr. Annie Brewster
Photo credit: Jessica Delaney

    TEDxFenway: GRIT Videos


  • GRIT treats made by Oakleaf Cakes
Photo credit: Jessica Delaney

    Shots from TEDxFenway: GRIT!

    On Tuesday, April 29, TEDxFenway – an independently organized event licensed by TED – explored the influence of grit and resilience in shaping some of the most foremost cultural, medical, social, and entrepreneurial ideas today in the Fenway, in Boston and beyond. Sponsored by The Fenway Alliance, TEDxFenway: GRIT was held in the historic Landmark Center, formerly the Sears, Roebuck and Company building built in 1929. Samuels & Associates, the current owner of the tower, graciously donated the modern loft-space […]

  • An Interview with Retsina Meyer

    An Interview with Retsina Meyer

    TEDxFenway is fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers who help us create and organize our dynamic program. This year, we have  guest writer Benjamin Scheiner who is a founding member of TEDxGrandviewAve in Pittsburg, PA, as well as a science writer with a  material engineering background. Please welcome Benjamin, and check out his interview with Dr. Retsina Meyer, who will be speaking about her discovery of grehlin’s impact on PTSD symptoms at TEDxFenway: GRIT. By Benjamin Scheiner Retsina Meyer, […]

  • TEDxFenway: GRIT Program Book Now Available

    TEDxFenway: GRIT Program Book Now Available

    So many great performances, activities and speakers at TEDxFenway: GRIT! Check out the full program here: TEDxFenway: GRIT Program Book

  • The GRIT of Boston

    The GRIT of Boston

    As one of the oldest cities in the U.S., Boston has witnessed historic moments of great change, triumph, and tragedy, and in each of these moments, the people of Boston have come together, displaying their resilience as individuals, and as a community. Wanting to find a way to visually encapsulate the GRIT of Boston, TEDxFenway asked Evan Chapman, President and Producer of Loft Sessions Music, to create a piece that explored and represented the meaning of GRIT. Why do people […]

  • Run Bimma shares how he "claimed his journey," and how others can too
Photo credit: Kimberly Hatch

    Meet our 2 Wild Card Winners Run Bimma and Bob Sansone

    Photo credit: Kimberly Hatch We put out the call for GRIT talks, narrowed down the submissions to 10 wonderfully, grit-filled, inspiring individuals, and now have two great additions to the TEDxFenway lineup! Thank you to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and The Fenway Alliance for co-hosting PreXFenway, and to our judges Lesley Pitts of The Mary Baker Eddy Library, Carmen Pola of the Mission Hill Senior Legacy Project, and Fashion and Style Reporter of The Boston Globe Chris Muther for […]

  • Our TEDxFenway: GRIT Emcee, ANITA WALKER

    Our TEDxFenway: GRIT Emcee, ANITA WALKER

    Anita Walker has served as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) since April 2007. Walker is the Commonwealth’s highest ranking cultural official, overseeing a range of grant programs, services, and advocacy for the arts, humanities, and sciences in communities across Massachusetts. Walker has raised the visibility of the nonprofit creative sector as a driving force for growth and prosperity in Massachusetts. She led advocacy for the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, which over seven years has invested $70 million […]

  • Expressing GRIT through Creativity

    Expressing GRIT through Creativity

    With the abundance of art and culture that exists in the Fenway Cultural District, we wanted to share this creative energy with our guests at TEDxFenway: GRIT! Here are some of our featured performers and artists who will be at this year’s event: Director of SHIFTBoston, Kim Poliquin Architectural Installation, Hydra Massmouth Storytelling workshop massmouth ,inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to promoting the timeless art of storytelling through education, digital/social media, and live performance. massmouth has been organizing storytelling […]

  • TEDxFenway “Wild Card” Audition Finalists!

    TEDxFenway “Wild Card” Audition Finalists!

    Thank you ALL who sent in your submissions for the TEDxFenway Audition at to be held at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  We received amazing stories about people’s ideas connected to the wider world that emerged from their grit and resiliency, and we’re very glad to announce the finalists for PreXFenway! Autumn Patricia Ahn, Artist Gillian Christy, Sculptor Maria Finkelmeier, Percussionist Gordon Hay, Founder of ALINE and SoleSystems Sara Kaplan, English Teacher at Eagle Hill High School Ryan MacInnis, Inbound […]

  • About TEDxFenway: GRIT 2014

    About TEDxFenway: GRIT 2014

    TEDxFenway: GRIT Tuesday, April 29, 2014  11AM-5PM Landmark Center Sponsored by Grit – that against-the-grain quality of fortitude and endurance – is one of the most essential traits for personal growth and success.  On April 29, 2014, TEDxFenway will present some of the most foremost cultural, medical, social, and entrepreneurial ideas and practices in Boston today, shared by individuals who had the GRIT to persevere and realize their aspirations. The talks will cover providing accessible access to quality music education through […]

  • GOT GRIT? Open Call for Video Submissions for PreXFenway

    GOT GRIT? Open Call for Video Submissions for PreXFenway

    Grit – that against-the-grain quality of fortitude and endurance. We’ve all encountered critical moments in our lives where we were presented with a choice to either give up or to forge ahead, urging the realization of a novel idea or an innovative product. TEDxFenway is searching for 2 Wild Card speakers with inspiring tales of such grit. Selected candidates will be invited to speak at TEDxFenway on Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at the Landmark Center in Boston.