Carmen Pola

Carmen Pola, Mission Hill Community Organizer and Founder of Mission Hill Senior Legacy Project

Born in San Juan Puerto Rico, Ms. Carmen Pola moved to Boston 41 years ago. Soon after her arrival, Ms. Pola moved to the Mission Hill neighborhood which she has called home.  Since her early days as a Mission Hill resident and Community Activist, Ms. Pola has been involved in many community organizations that gave back to the residents of the Mission Hill community.  Some of her work includes organizing the landmark case Perez vs. Boston Housing Authority, founder of La Raza En Marcha, first woman as chair of the Puerto Rican Festival, and most recently received a national award from AARP. For the past few years  Carmen has spent countless hours supporting her  most recent endeavor, the Mission Hill Senior Legacy Project. The goal for Legacy is to unify the senior population of the Mission Hill Community through social, educational, recreational activities, and promote continued civic engagement. Carmen is a local hero to most and a champion for the aging population.