3rd Annual TEDxFenway: Agitate/Innovate/Evolve

This year, TEDxFenway is focusing on the process, versus the product, of navigating the oftentimes complex task of addressing the necessary changes needed to promote progress. TEDxFenway: Agitate/Innovate/Evolve will take a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes actions of problem-solving, consensus-building, back-tracking, loss of ground, and reassessment of history that leads to true evolution in a variety of social movements, arts and technological disciplines.

Supported by The Fenway Alliance and Berklee College of Music, TEDxFenway: Agitate/Innovate/Evolve will be held in Berklee’s newest building on 160 Massachusetts Avenue in the Fenway Cultural District. This state-of-the-art building, designed by the renowned architect William Rawn, holds 173 residence hall rooms, 23 practice rooms, six two-story common areas, a fitness center, and a 400-seat dining hall that doubles as a performance space with full stage and audio technology. Additionally, a 10-studio music production complex is located below street level.

The event will feature nine distinguished speakers, including two Wild Card speakers from our audition event PreXFenway. Speakers will share their experience as an “agitator,” stepping in to introduce ideas that did not confirm to established practices; or, as someone who redirected an idea back to its source to evaluate the foundation and applicability of an obsolete solution. Topics will include gender wage inequality, working as an emerging playwright in Boston’s theatre community, policy-making and setting the design context for the City of Boston, and the influence of a STEAM-based curriculum in promoting outside-the-box thinking.

The list of confirmed TEDxFenway: Agitate/Innovate/Evolve include the following:

Michael Dukakis

Former Governor of Massachusetts, U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate

Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle

Founder, Chairman and Executive Director, Science from Scientists; Co-Founder and CEO, CounterPoint Health Solutions

Dr. Nettrice Gaskins

STEAM Education Lab Director, Boston Arts Academy

David Hacin

Founding Principal and President of Hacin + Associates

Debby Irving

Racial Justice Educator & Writer

Dr. Ruth Jacobs Malloy

Global Managing Director, Leadership and Talent, Hay Group

Obehi Janice

Writer/Actress/Comedian, Creator and Performer of FUFU & OREOS

Ted Landsmark

Board Member, Boston Redevelopment Authority; President Emeritus, Boston Architectural College

Jimmy Tingle

Comedian, Commentator, Activist and Entrepreneur


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